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Hair Loss Restoration

As there are different causes and types of hair loss,
we have a customized revision approach with diagnosis.

Body&Scalp Hair Revision diagram - Ulfit, Body Inmode, RF Body Contouring, Fat Dissolving Injection, Full-Body Circulation Care, Hair Loss Restoration

『Revision: Improving something that can be altered』

Weaker scalp and hair can require “revision” as well.
To make a revision, we should consider skin types.
Personalized treatment plan is the key.

Receive comprehensive treatments using the newest equipment through the 【Scalp Revision Formula】 plan, which is designed based on 1:1 consultation and diagnosis with a skin specialist.

Oganacell Hair Loss Restoration

01 Scalp mesotherapy | 02 Medication

-Accurate diagnosis, clear results-

Experience personalized treatment through 1:1 customized care.
Detailed treatments specific to areas of concern.
Medical professionals with exceptional expertise and know-how in procedures.

Comprehensive Body and Hair Revision Treatments Overview

Hair Loss Restoration Process

① Precise Diagnosis: Skin Analysis System → ② Personalized Treatment by Dermatologist: Customized Treatment Plan and Design ③ Treatment: Scalp Mesotherapy → ④ Post-Treatment care: Care Routine Prescription

Recommended For

People have different skin types.
We recommend a visit to our clinic for a detailed analysis and personalized treatment plan.

Weak hair roots due to pulling or tying hair too tightly.


For weak hair root due to pulling or tying hair too tightly

Localized hair loss resulting in circular bald spots.


For transient hair loss that results in localized hair loss or circular hair loss

Thinning hair at the crown caused by hormones, extreme dieting, or genetics.


For crown hair thinning due to hormone, extreme dieting, or genetic factors

Hair loss due to overproduction of male hormones, genetic factors, or stress.


For hair loss due to overproduction of male hormones, genetic factors, or stress

Hair Loss Restoration For Healthy Scalp and Hair Roots

At Oganacell, we make scalp and hair roots healthy.
With precise analysis by a board-certified dermatologist, we aim to deliver highly satisfactory results.

Close-up of a specialist using a device to examine a patient's scalp for hair loss restoration and promoting healthy hair roots.
Skin close-up for dermatology and skincare treatments
Measuring tape representing body contouring and weight management in dermatology
Abstract skin texture symbolizing advanced dermatology techniques
Dermatologist examining patient skin for treatment consultation

Treatment Solutions

Experience our state-of-the-art equipment.
We address your concerns by customizing each session for you, keeping safety as a priority.

Post-Procedure Instructions

1.It is recommended to sleep in an aligned position for 2-3 days after the procedure.

2.Avoid saunas, exercises that make you sweat, and alcohol for about 2 weeks after the procedure.

3.Swelling may happen, but it would disappear within a few days.

4.Please refrain from activities such as massages.

5.Having enough rest time is recommended.

Treatment Reviews

Safe and precise Oganacell skin revision with customized treatments based on skin type

Personal Skin Revision


Dermatology Clinic

Oganacell aims to go beyond simple procedures.
We address issues from genetic and environmental factors.
In turn, we focus on “skin revision” to restore your skin to its ideal condition.


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