Premium solutions for acne, proven with successful results


Oganacell is the leading destination for acne treatment.
We target the root causes of acne and minimize the appearance of scars, 
preventing recurrence of acne.

Skin Revision Treatment Options for Acne, Sensitive Skin, Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal, Rosacea, Pore/Blackhead, Oganacell Booster, Hair Removal

『Revision: Improving something that can be altered』

Skin can require “revision” as it is affected by the surrounding environment and aging process.
To make a revision, we should consider skin types.
Personalized treatment plan is the key.

Receive comprehensive treatments using the newest equipment through the 【Skin Revision Formula】 plan, which is designed based on 1:1 consultation and diagnosis with a skin specialist.

Premium Acne/Scar Correction

Through the use of advanced equipment and synergistic treatments, we target the underlying causes of acne, minimize scars, and reduce the chances of recurrence.

Achieve comprehensive skin correction and regain your confidence with our  “Skin Correction Program”.

Illustrated icons representing different skin conditions and cosmetic treatments for laser therapy.

Treatment Process for Acne/Scar

① Precise Diagnosis: Skin Analysis System →  Personalized Treatment by Dermatologist: Customized Treatment Plan → ③ Medical Skincare: Cleansing, Extractions, etc. → ④ Application of Topical Anesthetic Cream: Minimizing Pain and Discomfort → ⑤ Skin Revision: Customized Laser Treatment for Specific Symptoms → ⑥ Medical Skincare: Soothing Care → ⑦ Post-Treatment Care: Skincare Routine Prescription

Recommended For

People have different skin types.
We recommend a visit to our clinic for a detailed analysis and personalized treatment plan.

Adolescent student writing in a notebook, focusing on managing acne and breakouts for clear skin


For adolescent acne and breakout

Close-up of woman with adult acne, recurring acne, and acne scars pointing to a pimple on her cheek


For adult acne, recurring acne, and scar

Close-up of comedonal acne, purulent acne, and acne on sensitive skin showing inflammation and redness


For comedonal acne, purulent acne, and acne on sensitive skin

Close-up view of deep acne scars on skin surface, illustrating severe acne scarring issues and texture


For deep acne scar

Treatment Process

We offer a tailored treatment process that begins with precise diagnosis
using state-of-the-art skin devices.
Our dermatologists create personalized treatment plans to effectively revise and improve skin.

Orange representing skin pore treatment at dermatology clinic - achieving smooth, pore-free skin
Statue with Smooth Skin Representing Dermatology Clinic's Skin Treatment Services
Desert-like Dry Skin Transformation to Healthy, Hydrated Skin - Dermatology Solutions
Smooth pottery wheel representing flawless, porcelain-like skin achieved through dermatology treatments

Treatment Solutions

Experience the newest medical equipment and technology.
We address your skin concerns by using premium equipment, keeping safety as a priority.

Post-Procedure Instructions

1.Light daily activities and gentle exercise are permissible, but avoid saunas, steam rooms, sweaty exercises, and alcohol for about a week.

2.When exposed to sunlight, there is a risk of pigmentation. Please apply sunscreen.

3.Temporary small pimples may appear after the procedure. Apply skin regeneration cream, and if it persists for 7 days or longer, please contact us.

4.If prescribed, apply a very thin layer of steroid cream once a day for a maximum of 2 days when you experience redness or feel itchy.

Treatment Reviews

Safe and precise Oganacell skin revision with customized treatments based on skin type

Personal Skin Revision


Dermatology Clinic

Oganacell aims to go beyond simple procedures.
We address issues from genetic and environmental factors.
In turn, we focus on “skin revision” to restore your skin to its ideal condition.


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