For various types of neck wrinkles

Neck Wrinkle Care

Our neck is a delicate area that can lose elasticity, and is prone to thinning.
We bring a natural-looking and detailed design to care for neck wrinkles.

Petit Revision Face Line Revision treatment options including Face Line Injection, Neck Wrinkle Care, Botulinum Toxin (Botox), Facial Filler, and Sculptra on an orange background.

『Revision: Improving something that can be altered』

Skin can require “revision” to have a more ideal appearance and reduce wrinkles.
To make a revision, we should consider skin types.
Personalized treatment plan is the key.

Receive comprehensive treatments using the newest equipment through the 【Beauty Revision Formula】 plan, which is designed based on 1:1 consultation and diagnosis with a skin specialist.

Oganacell Neck Wrinkle Care

We target visible neck wrinkles and the underlying layers of the skin as well.
We reduce discomfort, and achieve noticeable results in a short period of time.
Experience the expertise of our board-certified dermatologists and authentic products.

Experience personalized treatment through 1:1 customized care.
Detailed treatments specific to areas of concern.
Medical professionals with exceptional expertise and know-how in procedures.

Illustrations showing facial aesthetic treatments: Face Line Injection, Neck Wrinkle Care, Botulinum Toxin (Botox), Facial Filler, and Sculptra.

Neck Wrinkle Care Process

① Personalized Treatment by Dermatologist: Customized Treatment Plan and Design → ②  Application of Topical Anesthetic Cream or Ice Pack: Minimizing Discomfort and Pain → ③ Procedure: Targeting Areas of Concern → ④ Post-Treatment Care: Skincare Routine Prescription

Recommended For

People have different skin types.
We recommend a visit to our clinic for a detailed analysis and personalized treatment plan.

Non-surgical facial injection procedure for smooth skin


For those who want non-surgical and simple procedures

Close-up of a person gently touching their neck to illustrate focus on improving neck wrinkles.


For those who wish to focus on improving neck wrinkles

Close-up of a person lightly touching their chin to demonstrate desire for minimal discomfort and fast results.


For those who desire minimal discomfort and fast results

Close-up of skin treatment injection


For those who seek a safe procedure without concerns of side effects

Personalized Neck Wrinkle Care

Oganacell provides personalized diagnosis based on factors such as skin type, treatment areas, skin thickness, age, and bone structure.
With our precise injection and authentic product, we aim to deliver highly satisfactory results.

Close-up of a woman receiving a personalized neck wrinkle treatment injection administered by gloved hands.
Skin rejuvenation injection procedure demonstrated on an orange.
Close-up of a woman's face looking into a mirror reflecting smooth and clear skin.
Classical statue symbolizing timeless beauty against an orange background.
Rows of skincare serum vials for dermatological treatments.

Treatment Solutions

Experience our precise treatment program with authentic products.
We address your skin concerns by customizing each session for you, keeping safety as a priority.

Post-Procedure Instructions

1.Light daily activities and gentle exercise are permissible, but avoid saunas, steam rooms, sweaty exercises, and alcohol for about a week.

2.Swelling and bruising may happen, but they would disappear within a few days.

3.You may feel a slight residue or foreign sensation right after the procedure because of the injected substances, but it would disappear within a few days.

4.Avoid rubbing or pressing the treated area.

Treatment Reviews

Safe and precise Oganacell skin revision with customized treatments based on skin type

Personal Skin Revision


Dermatology Clinic

Oganacell aims to go beyond simple procedures.
We address issues from genetic and environmental factors.
In turn, we focus on “skin revision” to restore your skin to its ideal condition.


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